Design Communication

Advertising: Sex-Selective Abortion -India


Sex-Selective Abortion is very serious in india due to the girls are considered as middle class or inferior in the society. Therefore the main concept of my final outcome is  “Do not ignore the lives of girls” as the publc are generally ignoring about the fact of female infanticide.

This first piece is a statement "one million abortions last year, thank god it was only one boy". This is to sarcastic the situation now in the India as people generally knowing the fact that abortion rate is increasing by yearly yet they feel nothing and ignored about it because pregnant woman would seen it as a better choice rather than worsen their family’s financial situation. Therefore this is the reason that I have designed the shocking fact into the white color, to sarcastic the people ignoring the abortion fact but tressure of a boy’s life in the society. 

Woman in India are always in the inferior situation in the society compared to a man. They cannot decide their marriage  age as women are required to pay a huge amount  of dowry when they are getting married, therefore parents would try to “send them out” by having child marriage to avoid of paying large number of dowry. In other words,  being a girl is unwelcomed in India, pregnant woman will choose the abortion when they know that is a baby girl. The right thing that everyone would like to see for a girl is to born a baby boy to contribute the society.