Arts & Cultural Management


Programmer & Producer, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

From 2003 to 2015

Faith initiated the Esplanade’s first dance festival ‘da:ns’ and continues to lead its programming and management. 

Dissertation Title

Enter the Dramaturg : Tracing the Emergence of a New Practice in Contemporary Dance in Southeast Asia

Dissertation Abstract

A review of contemporary dance productions made in the past ten years in Southeast Asia show that prominent contemporary choreographers, and leading festivals and institutions in the region have chosen to formally incorporate a new collaborator; a dramaturg, in their dance creation processes for the first time.

As an emerging practice within Southeast Asia, the study of this formalised role of the dramaturg within dance in the region remains unexamined and undocumented. Drawing from interviews with pracitioners and critical theory, this thesis examines the history, conditions, and reasons for the emergence of the dramaturg in Southeast Asia, as well as the dramaturg’s functions and impacts within a contemporary dance production.

The thesis contends the emergence of the dramaturg is due to a greater ‘process consciousness’ that is taking place in contemporary dance in Southeast Asia. It argues this is a result of changes in artistic practice and social labour in the region, where radical shifts in the nature of contemporary dance and dramaturgy are taking place, along side new globalised modes of production and economy.