The Pajama Game



The story of The Pajama Game is centered on the romantic relationships of two contrasting couples, Babe and Sid, and Hines and Gladys. Set in the early 1950s in US mid-West town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, these two couples struggle with pangs and arrows of being in love, not being in love, and bouts of excessive jealousy, all against a background of a local strike by the workers in the ‘Sleep Tite’ pajama factory.  The tensions in the couples’ relationships are intensified by the fact that they are on opposing sides in this dispute.  However, despite the sometimes rocky journey that is filled with joy, laughter, tears, and often hysterical hilarity, true to the genre of musical comedy, it all ends happily – with a wild dance finale that involves a fashion parade of the latest in regards to pajamas.



Graduand listing

Graduand: Beverly Liang
Graduand: Kieran Lim
Graduand: Natalie Koh
Graduand: Ignatius Tan
Graduand: Muhammad Fatullah