Rave Phua has always had keen interest in the representation of films, which often question the reality embodied during the creation of the work. His time in The Puttnam School of Film made him think more critically about the process of screenwriting.  His interests in directing have grown extensively since his first project and he has directed 7 projects, Duality, The Bathroom, Door Knob, Delta Cop, Peace Love Unity Respect, Buzz, and Beneath the Ripples. He is a major in documentary directing and minor in screenwriting. Aside from making his thesis documentary, Quinn, Rave has also co-written two other thesis films, Chen Jing and Sungei Road.


Rave’s area of interest includes themes of alienation, and highlighting marginalised groups in society. Rave admires the works of Frederick Wiseman, an American documentary filmmaker who is known for his observational work that portray and question the societal issues. Rave much prefers to celebrate the ordinary in his films, as the human touch is universal and worth celebrating, rather than exploiting the ‘other’, milking them for emotions.


Film - Quinn


The documentary revolves around a young couple, Kyle and Ashley, who get into a shotgun marriage and give birth to a baby with a disability. When given the option of abortion, they decide not to, after seeing her smile on an ultrasound scan. Quinn serves as the bridge to the couple’s marriage as they struggle with their own inexperience in life and the challenges of raising a disabled child. The family must muster the courage to accept the realities of Quinn’s future.

Running Time:
16 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Faqrullah Arman
Graduand: Vivien Koh
Graduand: Rave Phua