The stories that speak to Faqrullah Arman have always been about self-empowerment - coming out of an arc stronger and wiser. His fondness for stories of empowerment originate from the portrayals of heroism in Japanese animation and American superheroes. He enjoys learning about alternate worlds and universes that these stories come from. It took a film called Paprika by Satoshi Kon to kickstart his fascination in film. From there, his desires to write stories based on his dreams and fantasies blossomed. Through his works, Faqrullah hopes to empower an audience with his stories, carrying them along with his protagonist on a compelling journey of discovery. He desires for his stories to entertain, to inspire. His ambitions extend beyond the script. As a producer for the first year film Uncle and thesis film Car Wash, he embarks on these stories with the same motivations.


Film - Quinn


The documentary revolves around a young couple, Kyle and Ashley, who get into a shotgun marriage and give birth to a baby with a disability. When given the option of abortion, they decide not to, after seeing her smile on an ultrasound scan. Quinn serves as the bridge to the couple’s marriage as they struggle with their own inexperience in life and the challenges of raising a disabled child. The family must muster the courage to accept the realities of Quinn’s future.

Running Time:
16 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Faqrullah Arman
Graduand: Vivien Koh
Graduand: Rave Phua