A visionary director, Jeremiah’s passion for the media industry is evident from his remarkable experiences in different fields such as television drama, documentary, commercials and corporate branding. Fifteen years ago, Jeremiah pursued the FSV programme at Ngee Ann Polytechnic where he made his first and graduating film Eden (2004) with the support of veteran actors Keegan Kang, Corriene Adrianne, Lawrence Pang, Mindy Ong and Evelynn Ng.


Jeremiah has worked on many overseas and local projects with companies such as AXN, MBC, and international advertising agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather, P&G and Redworks. Jeremiah’s interest in David Lynch has influenced his filmmaking style and storytelling.


Always a daring and well-rounded filmmaker, Jeremiah never hesitates to push the boundaries of filmmaking with his imagination and eye for visuals. His last film, Hush, has caught the attention of the media world. Hush is the first short film allowed to be screened in Singapore without censorship, carrying an R-21 rating for full frontal nudity and explicit sexual scenes.


His passion for film also extends to training, teaching and exposing the younger generation to the filmmaking world. Jeremiah has received commendations from various MOE schools and students alike in having the ability to use filmmaking as a tool to engage the students and in some ways turn their lives around.


Film - Blurred Lines



A Catholic family faces a crisis when the family encounters the supernatural. Worried for their safety, they turn to their brother-in-law, a Taoist medium, for help. How far will a man go, when he wants to protect his family? What price is he willing to pay?

Running Time:
16 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Qingzhong Chen
Graduand: Wei Kiat Goh
Graduand: Jeremiah R. Oh
Graduand: Hui Min Charmain Koh


Blurred Lines