Goh Wei Kiat is a film student with extraordinary passion for cinematography and editing. Growing up in a big family with different backgrounds, Wei Kiat has a deep respect for familial values and righteousness. He is also a big fan of crime and martial art films; he views them as an interpretation of relationships between people from two different sides of the legal system. Wei Kiat hopes to bring across his personal views on the world through cinematography and films.


Film - Blurred Lines



A Catholic family faces a crisis when the family encounters the supernatural. Worried for their safety, they turn to their brother-in-law, a Taoist medium, for help. How far will a man go, when he wants to protect his family? What price is he willing to pay?

Running Time:
16 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Qingzhong Chen
Graduand: Wei Kiat Goh
Graduand: Jeremiah R. Oh
Graduand: Hui Min Charmain Koh


Blurred Lines