From a very young age, Nav Aman was fascinated with storytelling and shooting short films. The decision to enroll at The Puttnam School of Film thus came to him naturally. His first two short films Shy at Heart and Sunday Blues are based on his personal experiences. They discuss his first love and explore the dread he felt when he was serving National Service respectively. His third short film For I Have Sinned, about a hitman confessing his sins to a priest, was greatly inspired by his favourite filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Besides directing short films, Nav developed skills as an editor, and focused on post-production as his major. Editing gives him the freedom to tell a story in his own unique way, along with the ability to create tension and mood, which he explored through editing the thesis film Harbour. Despite his natural inclination towards editing, Nav hopes to take on the director’s chair once again in the near future to express himself through the medium of film.


Film - Harbour



Harbour tells of the story of Grace, a lonely middle-aged lady who discovers and steals a male sex doll from the shipping port she works at. After taking it home, she begins to warm up to it, seeking and finding solace in its presence. As their relationship grows, Grace becomes increasingly aware of her co-workers’ suspicions. The paranoia soon gets to her, severely testing the limits of the bond between herself and the doll.

Running Time:
17 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Chai Hong Cheng
Graduand: Radhika Mathur
Graduand: How Chuen
Graduand: Xiaochen Lexi Li
Graduand: Navil Aman
Graduand: Randi Tan