Lee How Chuen has always been fascinated by light and cameras since young. He first developed an interest in photography, which then expanded to videography. He has worked extensively as a camera assistant and grip in the local industry, on productions such as Mediacorp's Channel 5 sitcom Spouse for House, various television commercials, and Singapore's 2014 National Day music video. He also worked as the 1st camera assistant for Kristy Campbell on the CNA Documentary series City Re:Designed. The films that How Chuen shoots are about human relationships and their intricacies, from his autobiography Don’t Leave Me Alone to his other collaborative efforts like Bus, It’s Okay, This Man, City without Snow, and finally the Thesis Film, Harbour. All these films display the complexity of human nature. How Chuen enjoys illustrating these complexities through the craft of cinematography and believes this is where the magic of filmmaking lies.




Film - Harbour



Harbour tells of the story of Grace, a lonely middle-aged lady who discovers and steals a male sex doll from the shipping port she works at. After taking it home, she begins to warm up to it, seeking and finding solace in its presence. As their relationship grows, Grace becomes increasingly aware of her co-workers’ suspicions. The paranoia soon gets to her, severely testing the limits of the bond between herself and the doll.

Running Time:
17 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Chai Hong Cheng
Graduand: Radhika Mathur
Graduand: How Chuen
Graduand: Xiaochen Lexi Li
Graduand: Navil Aman
Graduand: Randi Tan