With a burgeoning interest in developing mandarin content, Charmain Koh graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Chinese Media and Communication. She is constantly pursuing authenticity in life, with faith in her ability to translate her perspective into films.


Through her films, she seeks to document memories and preserve value that might otherwise be eroded as society advances. As a producer, she strongly believes in the power of determination and grit in making a film come to life. Through her course of studies as a producing major and cinematography minor, she has helped to craft thesis films such as Blurred Lines, Torrents, and One Way Ticket. Charmain hopes to become a driving force in the continued development of the Chinese film industry, both locally and internationally.


Film - Torrents


Hock, a retired old man spends his days salvaging his old apartment that is worn and broken. The torrential rainwaters seeping through the cracks in the ceiling threaten his unwavering routine. His detached son, David, a young working adult, views Hock’s efforts as futile, and attempts to sell the apartment in pursuit of a better life for both of them.

Will Hock cling to the familiar or step away from the old and tattered, in favour of his son’s resolve?

Running Time:
13 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Chai Hong Cheng
Graduand: Aloysius Koh
Graduand: Geraldine Chiang
Graduand: Jordan Bradley Wills
Graduand: Daryl Ong
Graduand: Hui Min Charmain Koh
Graduand: How Chuen
Graduand: Randi Tan