Aloysius Koh majors in directing and does a minor in editing. His interest in filmmaking was piqued after participating in the School Video Awards when he was 11, producing a documentary on unique places around his primary school. He continued with his interest in filmmaking by pursuing a diploma at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Film, Sound and Video programme. Aloysius is drawn to the idea of exploring the little idiosyncrasies of human relationships and emotions, having investigated the universality of Yasujiro Ozu’s Noriko trilogy in his dissertation. His thesis film, Torrents, deals with the rift between a father and son living in the same flat. Aloysius dreams of traveling around the world, to document life as well as work with industry partners across different countries to better explore, understand, and to create films that transcend boundaries.


Film - Torrents


Hock, a retired old man spends his days salvaging his old apartment that is worn and broken. The torrential rainwaters seeping through the cracks in the ceiling threaten his unwavering routine. His detached son, David, a young working adult, views Hock’s efforts as futile, and attempts to sell the apartment in pursuit of a better life for both of them.

Will Hock cling to the familiar or step away from the old and tattered, in favour of his son’s resolve?

Running Time:
13 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Chai Hong Cheng
Graduand: Aloysius Koh
Graduand: Geraldine Chiang
Graduand: Jordan Bradley Wills
Graduand: Daryl Ong
Graduand: Hui Min Charmain Koh
Graduand: How Chuen
Graduand: Randi Tan