Cheng Chai Hong is a directing major, with his minor in screenwriting. He has worked as a Line Producer on the fashion film Mirage (2013) by Boo Junfeng, and served in several roles, from Production Assistant to Assistant Director, on projects by Wee Li Lin and Charles Lim. He also directed and edited the Behind-the-Scenes featurette for Wee Li Lin's telemovie Hong Baos and Kisses (2014). He is the current President of The Puttnam School of Film’s editorial committee, and is a recipient of the prestigious LASALLE Scholarship. As a director and writer, Chai Hong's short films such as 6:30PM and It’s Okay have been selected and screened at the 11th Singapore Short Cuts and the 44th SPORE Art Salon respectively.

Chai Hong believes in films that merge the art house and the mainstream - films that not only have a message to say, but also the means to attract an audience to tell it to. With his films, he aspires to tell stories about people’s hopes and dreams, especially of those who differ from conventional society.


Film - One Way Ticket


Daniel, a rookie gangster, is on his way to deliver weapons to a gang fight. He boards a public bus and pays the fare, only to discover that the ticketing machine is spoilt, but is excused by the bus driver. During the journey, a bus conductor catches Daniel without a ticket, wrongfully fines him and tells him to leave, with the bus driver failing to defend him. Keeping up his unlucky streak, his gang loses and blames him for it. Daniel, in bitter revenge, seeks out the bus driver to attain justice for himself.

Running Time:
12 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Qingzhong Chen
Graduand: Chai Hong Cheng
Graduand: Wei Kiat Goh
Graduand: Umaira Latiff
Graduand: Yuren Xia
Graduand: Hui Min Charmain Koh
Graduand: Geraldine Chiang


One Way Ticket