Through her films, Radhika Mathur has attempted to display the inevitability of alienation, solitude and the space between human beings in the modern world. By examining this as the essence of our being, she strives to portray these themes both as something to embrace and be cautious of. This is evident in the short films she has worked on in the three years at The Puttnam School of Film, which include: Harbour, This Man, Iris and My Bon H’iver. The characters in her films are coming of age; realising, acknowledging and accepting the inevitable estrangement present in their lives. With a touch of black comedy and horror, Radhika tries to balance the weight of solitude with the unpredictability and quirky quality of life itself. She is looking forward to continue writing and directing short films in the near future to gain exposure before embarking on writing a feature film screenplay.


Film - Car Wash


A man struggles to deal with the cycle of life and loss as he finds himself stuck within the recesses of his mind; fragments of his memories are gradually pieced together through the confines of his car at a carwash.

Running Time:
14 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Aaron James Caeiro
Graduand: Chai Hong Cheng
Graduand: Lucas Chia
Graduand: Cristy Amanda Rodrigues
Graduand: Faqrullah Arman
Graduand: Radhika Mathur
Graduand: Motiejus (Matthew) Barauskas
Graduand: Alvin Soh
Graduand: Geraldine Chiang


Car Wash