Lucas Chia grew up performing in front of the cameras as a TV host and actor, during which he grew to love the arts as well as the world behind the viewfinder. To further hone his talents, Lucas entered The Puttnam School of Film, majoring in directing and doing a minor in cinematography in his final year. With a distinctive visual aesthetic and keen eye for detail, he has directed and shot several short films and documentaries in varying genres. Lucas’ repertoire is marked by strong character development, intricate art direction, and cinematic storytelling. He aims to make an indelible impression on his viewers through the construction of stories that depict the fragility, struggles, hopes, and redemptive nature of the human spirit.


Film - Car Wash


A man struggles to deal with the cycle of life and loss as he finds himself stuck within the recesses of his mind; fragments of his memories are gradually pieced together through the confines of his car at a carwash.

Running Time:
14 Mins

Graduand listing

Graduand: Aaron James Caeiro
Graduand: Chai Hong Cheng
Graduand: Lucas Chia
Graduand: Cristy Amanda Rodrigues
Graduand: Faqrullah Arman
Graduand: Radhika Mathur
Graduand: Motiejus (Matthew) Barauskas
Graduand: Alvin Soh
Graduand: Geraldine Chiang


Car Wash