Jingyao’s engagement with music is very special. Unlike other musicians playing traditional instruments, she works to redefine the role of her instrument — the traditional Chinese instrument Yang Qin (Dulcimer). Well-versed in the Chinese music tradition, pop and jazz, Jingyao has been given the opportunity by her teachers to marry tradition with modernity by performing Yang Qin in contemporary music. She has also performed at Hood Bar, LASALLE and City Harvest Church. Apart from performing, she also teaches music in her spare time. She is interested in studying and understanding different genres of music as she believes this makes her a better musician in both traditional or contemporary forms of music. She aims to become an educator who can effectively bring out the potential in music students, especially those gifted in music.  


School of Contemporary Music (SoCM) Festival


The School of Contemporary Music (SoCM) Festival is the graduating showcase for BA(Hons) Music and Diploma in Music students from LASALLE College of the Arts.

In keeping with the musical direction of SoCM, the Diploma in Music programme will feature students performing a mix of contemporary popular music and classical music. In the BA(Hons) Music programmes, the concerts will be made up of mostly original compositions written and arranged by the students in the Jazz, Composition and Popular Music specialisms whilst performers from the Classical stream will be presenting contemporary repertoire primarily drawn from the 20th and 21st Centuries.

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Graduand listing

Graduand: Amadeus Davito Kohar
Graduand: Xianglun Cai
Graduand: Karen de Silva
Graduand: Khairil Shah Bin Kamaruddin Shah
Graduand: Margareth Tok
Graduand: Raghavendran s/o Rajasekaran (Ragha)
Graduand: Cheng Cheng Sun
Graduand: Xanthus Ching
Graduand: Le Chen
Graduand: Xue Yi Chia
Graduand: Tung Khng Chua
Graduand: Wei Chiang Leong
Graduand: Reynold Hansel Berlian
Graduand: Yong Yi Xu
Graduand: Abigail Seto
Graduand: Yong May Angeline Kang
Graduand: Aqilah Misuary
Graduand: Jonathan Maximilian Jia Sheng Wong
Graduand: Zin Htet Kyaw
Graduand: Chang Ching, Vick Low
Graduand: Lynette Quek
Graduand: Nadrah Zainal
Graduand: Thomas Roberson
Graduand: Zhanke Tang (Zhane)
Graduand: Ivan Tangkulung
Graduand: Jolene Yeo
Graduand: Shu Hui Sandy Koo
Graduand: Peixiu Yee
Graduand: Zhi Hui Ang
Graduand: Anna Foo
Graduand: Dylan Foster
Graduand: Cressentia Vanya Paliling
Graduand: Jirattapong Vuttisomboon
Graduand: Junaidi Kusnong
Graduand: Keertana Bhoopal
Graduand: Eun Hyung Kim
Graduand: Nelson Tan
Graduand: Nigel Ng
Graduand: Rebecca Tan
Graduand: Yuk Wong
Graduand: Daniel Sim
Graduand: Cassandra (Cassandra)
Graduand: Clara Kang
Graduand: Samantha Wei Fang Koh
Graduand: Ffion Williams
Graduand: Ahmad Mustain Bin Ahmad Rumzi
Graduand: Joie Tan
Graduand: Joo Ye Kwon
Graduand: Zhi Hong Lim (Shawn)
Graduand: Lok Mun Khan (Lokie)
Graduand: Saidah Binte Ramdan
Graduand: Selvy Novella
Graduand: Steven Xuan Tao Bong
Graduand: Jingyao Wang
Graduand: Yuxiao Wang
Graduand: Qingzhi Wei
Graduand: Mohamad Sufyan Hatta Bin Khamis
Graduand: Sures Ravindran
Graduand: Chong Yu Chia (CY)
Graduand: Hirfana Jazmin Ahamed
Graduand: Qiao Yi Thew (Joey)