With an interest in choreography, Amelia's pursuit of a dance career began in 2008 as a student in The School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA). At SOTA, she had her first pre-professional training in classical ballet and modern dance. Amelia then went on to study technical theatre and production management before returning to dance in 2013. Continuing her dance education at LASALLE, Amelia has widened her movement vocabulary with training in diverse genres. She has performed in works by choreographers Silvia Yong and Edith Podesta and also engages in choreographic projects independently with the aim of establishing her own dance company when she graduates.


Now - Dog Woman; Sleeping On Her Owner's Coat


Now is the springboard from which we launch our graduating students into the dance industry. It acknowledges their development as artists and looks to their future. We invite you to join us in this ephemeral moment where their journey as artists up to this point and their hopes for their future are condensed in the now. To that end, it is an evening of exciting experiments, contemplative moments, and energetic dancing that will have you swaying in your seats.


This piece was inspired by Portuguese and British visual artist Dame Paula Rego's Dog Woman (1994). Rego explains, “The dog woman series (of pastels depicting women posturing and behaving like dogs) is about the love I had for my husband. It just happened. I first of all got this wonderful model called Lila Nunes. She looked after my husband when he was dying. She used to help him paint. Then she took up nursing. Then she could sit for me in her spare time. ... She is really myself. I don’t like doing self-portraits but she’s like a self-portrait. The dog woman was her. I don’t know why, I just said to her, ‘Now crouch there, and growl.’ And she did. ... So she became the dog woman, the first dog woman, where she’s trapped, but she can bite.”

Excerpts from Interview with Paula Rego, by Benjamin Eastham and Helen Graham, The White Review, February 2011

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Graduand listing

Graduand: Cher Rui Xie Ng
Graduand: Sonia Preet Jagdish
Graduand: Shanette Tan
Graduand: Priscilla Low
Graduand: Jing Wen Ng
Graduand: Andrea Louisa Menon
Graduand: Luvenia Kalia
Graduand: Yaqi Feng
Graduand: Lavanya Dave
Graduand: Cheryl Chin
Graduand: Melissa Chai
Graduand: Amelia Ramli