From a young age, Carina has always enjoyed performing, singing, and acting. Carina has appeared in several short TV serial dramas in Indonesia, including Mak Comblang Mecari Cinta and Beauty and the Bis produced by Starvision. Carina’s theatre credits include Rhinoceros in Love directed by Natalie Hennedige, Seven Doors directed by Stefanos Rassios, and as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet directed by Adam Marple. Carina is also a host and entertainer for children’s parties and a team facilitator for Supercamp Quantum Learning Network (QLN). Carina wants to explore diverse paths as an actor, and expand her horizons with TV hosting and singing, and ultimately aspires to be a voice artist for animated films.


In the Next Room


In the Next Room takes a look at gender roles and gender expectations in the 1900s and examines physical and emotional repressions during a time when much was left unsaid. Women conformed to the roles set up for them, particularly in the upper classes. Men controlled women’s bodies, their lives, and their intimate sensations. To women, sex was not something to be enjoyed but rather, an act performed on them for their husbands. Women’s inner conflict occurred therefore when there was no control or understanding of their sexuality.

Through the unfolding development of Dr and Mrs Giving’s relationship, In the Next Room presents itself as more than just a comedy about noisy vibrators, orgasms, and curious housewives. It takes a look at what it means to love, to couple physical intimacy with emotions. It is about the nature of longing, self-discovery, and female liberation. It is about looking for comfort not in machines and substitutes but in human contact and compassion. It is a reminder that love is found when head and heart meet, and that achieves the greatest pleasure of all.

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Graduand listing

Graduand: Vanessa Toh
Graduand: Thomas Pang
Graduand: Ruzaini Mazani
Graduand: Nicholas Bloodworth
Graduand: Katharine Crane
Graduand: Dawn Lee
Graduand: Carina McWhinnie

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