Fine Arts

Comfort Food


Comfort Food 
Agar Powder, Swimming Pool Water, Cutlery, Text printed on Frosted Paper
Dimensions Variable

Presented during the work-in-progress group show, Phase #41: Exercise No Control, at LASALLE College of the Arts, ICAS, Praxis Space


As the cool waves lap against your skin like the sea caresses the shore. You push off from the wall and the water weaves into your hair; you come up for a breath of air and show off your new water braid. One stroke, one breath, another stroke, another breath. Slicing the water with your fingertips, gliding forth in practiced motion, you fall into a familiar routine.

The water embraces, filling every crevice, protecting you like nothing has ever done before. You listen to your heartbeat and focus on the movement of the water brushing past; the constant beat numbing your thoughts as the water cleanses the debris of life from your pores. The movement is empowering, you move faster.

Very soon, your body tires and your muscles start to ache. You cannot perform properly and start taking in gulps of water while your lungs desperately search for oxygen.

The sign.

You wind down in your last few laps, stroking the water slowly, enjoying its rhythm and familiarity. You touch the wall. Your head emerges from the surface and the water flows past your eyes mimicking tears, you swallow more water as your body scrambles for air. Then you turn around and lean against the wall, admiring the still waters of the pool, regulating your breathing as the layer of protection evaporates off you. You push yourself out of the pool, towel off, and walk away; renewed.