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Bidadari's Fall



Dubbed as an experimental documentary by the filmmakers, Bidadari's Fall documents and tells a story of the aftermath of an inevitable desecration of a cemetery due to the never ending effects of capitalism, through cinematography and literature.

Director’s note:

Bidadari's Fall is a visual, audio and literacy experience brought by two filmmakers with strengths that compliment each other. This unique fusion of styles between Singaporean filmmaker/visual artist,Kyle Ong and Vietnamese Chinese filmmaker/photographer, Quan Dong brings a different perspective to documentary.


Audrey Chan (voice-over)


Directors: Kyle Ong & Quan Dong
Writer: Kyle Ong
Cinematographers: Kyle Ong & Quan Dong
Editor: Kyle Ong
Colorist: Quan Dong
Sound-mixer: Kyle Ong
Special Thanks: Khalid Al Mkhlaafy, Aroozoo Wesley Leon