Broadcast Media



Stereotypes is a Public Service Announcement video that I produced as part of a final project for my second year in LASALLE College of the Arts.  Most of my classmates produced 30 - 45 seconds, TVCs while I chose to produce something which was more humble and more realistic, tackling the real world issue of stereotypes.

This project was shot in one night, with the very talented Lian Sutton acting in it, all in all I had a lot of fun making this project a reality.


Lian Sutton as "Loanshark"


Writer/Director/Editor: Kyle Ong
Cinematographer: Quan Dong
Stills photographer: Teo Lai Xing
Production Assistants: Yong Zong Da, Ryan Au, Teo Lai Xing, Li Fang
Location: Yee Yok Jeng, Lim Shuet Pin
Special Thanks: Khalid Al Mkhlaafy, Aroozoo Wesley Leon, Kevin Foo