Fine Arts, 2012

Dongchen Wang (Jesca)


Unleashed! Finale - Day I Met The Prince

By: Rachel Boo

Design Communication , 2013

Craft Design: Melting Type

By: Amalina Ahmad

design, graphic, The LASALLE Show 2013

Design Communication , 2013

MPA T-Shirt Design

By: Norlela Ninada (Lela)

design, graphic, shirt, The LASALLE Show 2013

Design Communication, 2012

The Last Supper - Greed

By: Kelyn Lau

poster, greed, meal, The LASALLE Show 2012

Fashion Management, 2012

Bernard Voo (Bernard Voo)

Interior Design, 2014

Architect Fellowship - Zaha Hadid

By: Steffi Marie Vinca (Steffi)

Animation, 2014


By: David Ong