Arts Management


Affordable Art Fair - Volunteer


I was assigned to the welcome desk to make sure visitors with the relevant invitations can enter and managed the recording of visitors flow to the fair and provide ample information about the fair and its various booth/stalls setting. I also had to look after the artwork's storage area to ensure artworks were properly secured, checked and signed out for to ensure a smooth operation of the fair.

Art Stage Singapore - Intern (PR/Marketing)


I was in-charge of general and media database handling and updating of website information and dissemination. There was also the involvement of designing various collaterals (print and online) for their marketing or social media branding. More importantly I was present to assist at the fairground in preparation for the press conference and other related spaces pertaining to the marketing team as well.

Contract Art Teacher


Taught Art, CCA(EntrepreneurClub) and is a Co-­form teacher of a lower secondary class. Actively engage students in various art lessons,  co-cirrculum activities and competition/events that develops good teambuilding, problem-solving skills and dilligence above and byond the classroom context. I was also involved in the marketing committee with the school where I was involved with designing and planning gifts for various VIP guests for an important school event as well.



National Gallery - Educative Resources


i. Assist with basic photographic documentation of artworks, artefacts and other items that are on loan from the artist’s studio for the Children’s Museum. 

ii. Catalogue and create an index of such items for exhibition design and archival purposes. 

iii. Assist in the research in preparation of exhibition labels, artefact captions and other educative text for the education programmes and resources related to the artwork presentations in the Keppel Centre for Art Education. 

iv. Assist in facilitating surveys, focus group discussions and feedback sessions with various audience groups.

Thesis Title

The Value of Arts Education in Singapore: A Review of Arts Elective Programme (AEP)

Thesis Abstract

This thesis aims to investigate and discuss the developmental changes that schools offering the Art Elective Programme (AEP) have undergone, to ensure its success remains sustainable and relevant to the 21st century learning environment.

Some AEP schools are more successful than others. My hypothesis is that these AEP schools can help other AEP schools develop a more successful model by sharing and exchanging 'good education practices' despite differences in student admission standards. These 'good education practices' can be defined as a wide range of non-curricular activities, teaching models, technologies, lesson-plan designs, teacher training opportunities, administrative support and other practices that vary in complexity among individual schools.