Arts & Cultural Management


First Media Design School

2015 - I recently curated an installation work for SingaPlural 2015 titled, "Projection of Expression", featuring works created by students from the FMDS-UWE BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. This was a cross-disciplinary (multimedia, graphic design as well as fashion design) exhibition that emphasised the importance of communication in a design process.

First Media Design School

2015 - In March 2015, I  curated an art exhibition with the theme of tattoos, entitled "Skin-deep". This exhibition showcases illustration and video works by three emerging artists with a link to tattoo practices.

Dissertation Title

The Inter-Changeable Roles Of Graphic Designers And (Fine Arts) Artists

Dissertation Abstract

Often, design is simply defined as a calculated and specific process to meet project objectives in a commercialised sense - in short, for financial gain. Art, on the other hand, conveys messages or stirs emotion in the form of any media, created freely by the artist. With more graphic designers dedicating time to make art today and being featured in fine art exhibitions, art galleries, and curated shows in museums, questions are being raised about the distinction between a graphic designer and an artist. This dissertation examines the apparently interchangeable roles of graphic designers and (fine art) artists in the present day, particularly as technology and communication of concepts play a big part in the production of contemporary art.