Arts Management



Arts Administrator, Objectifs Center for Photography and Film

From 2014 to 2014


- As an intern at Objectifs, my job scope was not limited. I was given the opportunity to have a hand in assisting my colleagues in managing both photography and film events. I assisted my managers in the planning and executing of NCCS film workshops, the Iranian film festival, and in-house photography and film classes. Also as an administrator, I learnt about communication with customers and clients at the information counter.

Galley Assistant. I-AM festival.

From 2013 to 2013


- I was a gallery sitter and also communicated with guests who are interested in learning more about the art works.

Usher, Tree Tunes, i-AM festival, LASALLE, Singapore

From 2013 to 2013


- I was tasked to help direct audiences and provide them with the information that they needed.

Thesis Title

The Significance of Music Qualifications to Western Classical Musicians

Thesis Abstract

Ever since its integration into curriculums of government schools, there is a steady increase on the emphasis on western classical music education over the years. Education certification per se, functions as a key-to-entry to higher institutions. In the same vein, music qualifications too, are highly sought-after by locals. Beyond the classrooms of mainstream schools, private music schools in Singapore offer music lessons based on the UK music assessment systems. In the recent times, the ABRSM also reported the increase in number of western classical music candidates in the Asian region. This thesis aims to discuss and learn about the usefulness and limitations faced, if any, of music qualifications. Through the online survey, the research finding surfaced the disparity in ways the music industry and public are assessing music teachers. Musicians have the proclivity for online portfolios while the nature of profession for music teachers are dependent on their music qualifications. The results of this study on the value and impact of music qualifications showed the practical and psychological need for music qualifications to past music candidates. Albeit the fact that accumulated work experience is of paramount importance to all survey respondents above all, the ownership of music certificates also provides the reassurance of music capability to musicians. Further research is recommended to refine the research findings; namely looking into the specific groups of western classical instruments, as well as the research into other western classical music assessment boards such as Trinity College of London, and London College of Music. On the same page, the scope of research can also be expanded into the various related music professions of western classical music holders in Singapore.