Arts Management


Production Team Leader and Assistant Stage Manager, Offbeat@Winstedt, LASALLE, Singapore


- Led a team and worked on conceptualising, coordinating, executing and documenting the grand opening of LASALLE’s Winstedt Campus as part of LASALLE’s 30th Anniversary.

Events and Band Management Director, Neoteric Entertainment, Singapore


Part of a self-initiated group that organises gigs for local musicians. 

- Deliverance 2 (October 2012)

- Felicity (February 2013)

- Kaleidotune (August 2013)

Volunteer, i-AM Festival, LASALLE, Singapore


- Artist Liaison for The Sam Willows - Tree Tunes @ Gardens by the Bay 

- Exhibition Volunteer for Front-of-House - Spectrum

Drama Workshop Facilitator, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

From 2009 to 2011: 

Working in collaboration between Singapore Polytechnic and external clients such as the Institute of Mental Health, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore, Bukit Batok Hostel for Youth Offenders, and Kinderland.


Intern, Dream Academy, Singapore


- Assisted in the marketing and publicity for Dim Sum Dollies - History of Singapore Part 2, and other projects by Dream Academy including the Speak Good English Movement.


Intern, Spot Art, Singapore


- Spot Art is organised in conjunction with The Singapore Biennale 2013. I was Involved in the administrative and production aspects of the preparation process, as well as executing the event and being a docent for the exhibition.

Thesis Title

The Role of Marketing and Publicity in Creating Relevance for the Arts in Singapore

Thesis Abstract

With so many events happening in Singapore, one can easily be overwhelmed by visual images and texts in all the promotional material produced. Amongst these events are the performing arts events. How do the performing arts compete for the attention of Singaporeans and communicate with them? The struggle of the performing arts is especially great in an economically- and outcome-driven country like Singapore where the arts is ranked as low priority for Singaporeans. According to the National Arts Council, the relevance of the arts is not balanced between artists and audiences. Therefore, it is important to broaden the support for the arts and local audience base by communicating the relevance and value of the arts to Singaporeans. This thesis studies the role of arts marketing in creating a relevance of the arts in Singapore to audiences by examining and drawing relations between marketing strategies of two local theatre companies — examining decisions and rationale — and how Singaporeans would respond to them by analysing their responses and inclinations.