Arts Management


Artist Liaison Officer, Esplanade Company Limited


- Responsible for communication between overseas artists and the organisation.

- Liaise with production officers, programmers to ensure smooth running of show.

- Hospitality support for artists.

Project Manager / Web Designer, Leo Liu Xuan Qi (Independent Artist)


- Liaise with visual artist to conceptualise architecture of website:

- Coordinate materials and information for online publication.

- Coding and design of website.

- Adaptation of visuals for web-use.

- Ensure smooth and timely delivery of project.

Concert Director, National Youth Envirolympics Challenge


- Responsible for conceptualisation and execution of concert.

- Development of promotional media, print and online collaterals.

- Liaison with artists in areas of administration and marketing.

Project Assistant, Very Short International Film Festival


- Coordinated key festival events: press conference, awards party and fringe screenings.

- Venue management during festival period.

- Overseeing film traffic and coordinating with video editors.

- Conceptualisation and execution of marketing collaterals.

- Press liaison and media reporting.


Marketing & Publicity Intern, Singapore International Film Festival


- Facilitate sponsorship and partnership activities   

- Support press liaison, prepare press materials and compilation of media report.

- Assist in development of collaterals, manage online film channel and emailer system

- Support in areas of merchandise, advertisements and fringe events

- Conceptualised and executed festival web store

Thesis Title

Importance of International Film Festival for the Dynamics of Film Industry: Case Study of Hong Kong International Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival

Thesis Abstract

The socio-cultural cycle of film industry is a representation of the dynamics in the film industry of a country. It captures the various forces that stimulates change or progress in the state of the film-making in the society. The dissertation aims to investigate the importance of international film festivals for such dynamics in the film industry, focusing on Hong Kong and Singapore. It looks at how the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Singapore International Film Festival supplement the dynamics of the film industry, in various stages of said socio-cultural cycle.