Arts Management


Fair Assistant, Singapore Affordable Art Fair


- I was the fair assistant for registration, info desk and finance. I was tasked to register patrons that visited the fair, assist in answering queries and to handle purchasing and finance.


Assistant Artist Liaison Officer, Picturewords Enterprise, Singapore


- As an artist liaison intern, my main task was to assist in all artist needs and welfare. I also acted as a tour guide for international artists. Other key tasks include seeing through the production process and drafting documents and contracts with vendors.

Thesis Title

Professional Ethics and Etiquette: Design Professionalism in Singapore's Graphic Design Industry

Thesis Abstract

There have been several cases of plagiarism and other ethical controversies in Singapore's graphic design industry. This thesis seeks to resolve the 'grey' issues such as drawing the line between plagiarism and inspiration, and articulating the need for a personal system of ethics. The thesis also examines the relationship between a sense of social responsibility on the part of designers, the law, and plagiarism and unethical practices in the industry.