Arts Management


Project Manager, Dream Station Academy, Singapore


- Administrative and planning of students' recital

- Marketing

- Stage Management

- Artists Management

Logistics assistant, Winstedt Campus Opening, LASALLE, Singapore


- Attend to logistic needs in the V.I.P. Guest department.

Volunteer, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore


- Packing of goodie bags

- Ushering


Intern, Centre Stage School of the Arts, Singapore


- Involved in 2 major and 3 minor productions, in props and costumes management and artist management 

Thesis Title

The Impacts of School Symphonic Band as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) on Students in Retaining Interest for the Art Form Upon Transition from School to Workforce

Thesis Abstract

This dissertation seeks to find out if students' interest in music formed during participation in the School Symphonic Band CCA affects their decision in pursuing music upon transition from school to the workforce. CCAs are non-academic activities and are based on students' interest and choice of participation; although there are numerous school symphonic bands, few students go on to become professional musicians or continue to pursue music after leaving school. This dissertation seeks to find out factors influencing students' choice of pursuing music as a profession or field of study.