Arts Management


Marketing Executive, Offbeat@Winstedt, Winstedt Campus Opening, LASALLE, Singapore


- Involved in the conceptualising of ideas and overall branding of the event, the marketing efforts, and led in the design execution (branding to collaterals)

Front of House Volunteer, Singapore Dance Theatre




Festival Assistant, Singapore International Film Festival


- Assist Festival Director in programming administration matters

- Assist to compile and keep track of film submissions

- Assist in film research and managing film database

- Assist in marketing and sponsorship efforts (eg. graphics designs, research on potential sponsors) 

- Assist in general administration for the festival

Thesis Title

Film Programming: An exploratory case study of the Singapore International Film Festival

Thesis Abstract

Film and media scholars have begun to focus their attention on festival events. Research on film festival programming is often addressed in broader terms where it examines the role of programming in relation to the ability to stand out amongst the other film festivals and how the festival influences the stakeholders and the industry. Film festivals around the world are at different stages of success and failure. To date, there are no film-festival-centric academic studies that discuss the effects of the programming process on festival sustainability. This lack of literature on programming practices in festivals results in the lack of understanding of different dimensions present in film festivals. As such, this paper sets out to explore the practices of film festival programming, with a case study of Singapore International Film Festival. Through the research findings, this paper seeks to highlight the details of the programming process which are often overlooked by the festival organisers. The proposed recommendations in this paper can also be adopted for future strategic developments in SGIFF programming.