Arts Management


Logistics Liaison, Offbeat@Winstedt, LASALLE, Singapore


For the project involving the opening ceremony of LASALLE's new campus, I was tasked with being the logistics liaison to the music department. I was to ensure that all the logistics department could meet all the needs of the musicians, which included electronic and acoustic ensembles. My job scope involved coordinating with the music team and musicians to work out details such as site planning, performance requirements, set-up and ensuring all the necessary equipment was provided.

On the day of the event itself I was also tasked to be the manager of the Audio-Visual systems as well as the slideshow and projected displays.


Intern, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)

My internship at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) was a completely new experience for me, as it gave me a chance to join the fields of arts policy and publication work.

During the three-month period I was tasked with day-to-day administrative work such as organising databases, preparing collaterals and updating one of the foundation's web projects, culture360. I also had the exciting opportunity to work on some of the department's publications from start to finish. My tasks involved sourcing for articles, proofreading and fact checking as well as mailing the completed publication. I also provided support to the logistic and administrative preparation of local and overseas events hosted by the culture department.

ASEF provided a good working environment where I had the chance to meet and work with people from a multitude of different nationalities both within and outside of the foundation.


Production Team Intern, SPOT ART, Singapore


During my internship at SPOT ART, I was tasked with the administrative and logistical preparation of SPOT ART's first exhibition. This was the first time that I had the chance to work with an exhibition that featured artist from all around South-East Asia from start to finish.

My tasks included liaising with overseas artists, ensuring their art works arrived in to the country and as siting them to prepare their artists statements and work descriptions. I also learnt new skills such as checking the condition of artworks, storing different kinds of art works correctly and reframing artworks. 

For the exhibition itself, I was involved in the exhibition set-up and planning as well as the marketing beforehand, and gallery sitting and docent duties during the exhibition itself.

Thesis Title

From the Ground Up: Non-professional orchestras and their role in developing Singapore's classical music scene.

Thesis Abstract

This dissertation serves to introduce Singapore's non-professional orchestras and investigate their history and current activities, defining their role and impact on Singapore's classical music scene.

Western classical music in Singapore has developed to a point where it has formed a considerable portion of the music scene. With a number of professional orchestras including the renowned Singapore Symphony Orchestra, as well as an abundance of school and collegiate ensembles, audiences in Singapore have no shortage of opportunities to listen to live classical music. The past few decades has also seen growing number of non-professional orchestra, which include community and amateur orchestras.

This study will introduce and examine three non-professional orchestras in Singapore, the Bradell Height Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Music Makers and the ESO Symphony. The research will investigate their audience development programs as well as their performance practices, to see how they affect the classical music scene as a whole, both to the audience and the musicians themselves.

The dissertation will conclude with comparisons to similar orchestras in other countries as well as recommendations for non-professional orchestras in Singapore.