Arts Management


Founder, Talents In Motion


Talents In Motion is a Creative Arts centre for dance, music and even magic.

It aims to cultivate a stronger culture to appreciate the arts; this is achieved by creating educational programmes for the youths (schools), and organising art-based events to serve as platforms for the youths to rise up in the arts scene.


2nd Assistant Producer, Picturewords Enterprise


Assisted in all Production related matters in the following areas:

1) Clerical Assistance

i.Writing coverage on scripts

ii.Draft Corporate Letters

iii.Draft clearance documents and contracts with 3rd party vendors


v.Fundraising / Sponsorship Sourcing

vi.Financial Budgeting and Cost Proposals

vii.Draft Production Schedule


2) Assist in site-recce duties

i.Source for Logistics

ii.Manage Logistics (Stock-checking)

iii.Coordinate Photographers and Videographers

Thesis Title

Contribution of the Creative Economy to the Economics of Singapore

Thesis Abstract

The creative economy, based upon the execution, presentation and circulation of original and innovative ideas or transactions related to intellectual property in the economy, is an important part of the economy of Singapore, especially in recent decades. The dissertation studies its potential from the macroeconomic point of view, analysing its contribution to GDP of Singapore with a regression analysis as well as from the microeconomic point view, trying to uncover the economic contribution of different groups, studied with Chi-Square methodology. The derived findings permit a deeper understanding of its dynamics and provide a base for recommendations for Singapore that could boost the sectorial contribution of creative arts as well as make Singapore an important hub of the creative economy.