Arts Management


Model, Upfront Models, Singapore

2014 - Male Model at Upfront Models Singapore

Dance Instructor, Virgin Active Gym, Singapore

2013 - Dance Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor

Dance Instructor, Natasha Studio, Singapore

2012 - Resident Dance Instructor, Choreographer


Marketing Assistant, Wild Rice, Singapore

2014 - Marketing Assistant

Thesis Title

Feasibility Study of having a BA Dance: Urban Practice Undergraduate Programme in Singapore

Thesis Abstract

Based on the BA Dance: Urban Practice Undergraduate Programme framework from University of East London, this research aims to explore and find out how feasible it is to bring such a degree into the Singapore context. 

The significance for this research is the creation of a Singapore discussion paper on a topic that is not commonly written on due to negative connotations, perceptions and stigma associated with Urban Dance in our society.

The dissertation seeks to spark off further in-depth analysis of Urban Dance practice within the context of Singapore - its origins, cultures and socio-economic significance. It provides a platform to hear from the dance form's practioners and students from different angles and perspectives.