Arts Management


Gallery Assistant, Space Cottonseed, Singapore


- Performed administrative duties, such as liaising with collectors, artists, writing newsletters and press releases, designing collaterals, and updating the company website.

- Checked shipments of artworks, unpacked and prepared pieces for display, set up of exhibitions, installation of pieces, and assist in the coordination of exhibitions and events.

- Spoke to visitors about the exhibitions and artists, answered any of visitor queries, assist with purchase or sale of artworks, management of art sales, preparation of sold artwork for shipment, and following up with collectors.

Designer, Becheras Holdings, Singapore


- Design marketing collaterals for online and print purposes. 

- Provide creative input for various projects, as well as create mock ups. 

- Also liaised with external vendors, and customer service.

Marketing & PR Manager, Spectrum, i-AM Festival, LASALLE


- Responsible for the relationship between Spectrum and the public, including clients and media partners. Ensure that the brand positioning of Spectrum allowed for it to be viewed in a positive light. 

- Responsible for the marketing of Spectrum's outreach events, as well as the main exhibition. 

- Tasked with analysing potential strategic media relations for Spectrum.

Thesis Title

Gender Inequality: A Closer Look at the Problems Women Face in Leadership Roles in the Visual Arts Industry of Singapore

Thesis Abstract

The objective of this dissertation is to identify some of the obstacles that make it difficult for women to break through the glass ceiling to achieve leadership positions in the visual arts sector, in comparison to their male counterparts. Such obstacles may consist of societal pressures coming from both general gender-based and Asian perspectives. This may be due to insidious factors that hinder women from taking up such leadership positions, so even though seniority is attained through merit and hard work, external factors such as societal pressure to start a family and how to balance a family while running a business may still influence the number of women taking on such positions. Interviews will be done with directors of art galleries, and questions posed will include whether gender makes a difference in the representation or exhibition of artists in the professional gallery sector, and why in spite of the disproportionately large population of female students in art schools, male graduates tend to be more successful in terms of representation. Through the interviewees' responses, the dissertation will also offer suggestions on how females may overcome these obstacles in the visual arts sector in Singapore.