Arts Management


Sales Representative / Logistics, Infinitus Productions


- Ticket sales for Illumi Nation Party with about 8000 attendees.

- Social Media Marketing – Facebook and Instagram 

- Assisted the Marketing Manager in logistics set up before and during event day.

- Artist Liaison for Starlight Alchemy

Logistic Assistant and team member, Winstedt Campus Opening 2014, Lasalle College of Arts


- Assisted the Head of Logistics in pre-event planning to source for vendors and enquiry for quotations for tentage, staging, sound and lighting system. Prepared confetti poppers and light-sticks for the Opening Ceremony protocol.

- Responsible for the facilitation and distribution of food and beverages and overall welfare.

Gallery Assistant/Sales Representative, Art Stage Singapore

Asia Global Arts Gathering



- Responsible for sales of Kaleidoscope Magazines and achieved a sold out 50 copies within 2 days. 

- Assist Media Partner attending to questions from customers, potential clients and also collate information for magazine subscription enquiry.

Assistant Event Producer, Danzity Productions



- Assisted the Event Producer in the overall operations and implementation of the Dance Tour and Workshop. 

- Logistics – Coordinated the Programming, Scheduling and Logistics for the Roadshow and Promotion tour in colleges and schools.  Coordinated on the staffing for volunteers for positions in programming and information,  registrations, sales and ticketing,  merchandizing,  technical sound and lightings,  stage design and set up. 

- Sales and Marketing - Assisted in the Sales and Ticketing department to ensure sales achievement of full house occupancy.  Liaised with designers to ensure marketing strategies and collaterals are aligned to the tour objective.

- Finance - Projected initial budget, managed and adjusted  after sales for ticketing and merchandising. 

- Usher and hosted VIP during the event night. 


Intern - Programmer/Project Manager, Joe Sidek Productions


GEORGE TOWN FESTIVAL 2014, Project INDIGO –  2 major events: Fashion Show & Gallery Exhibition

- Worked directly with the Festival Director in the conceptualisation process, overall programming, operations and the implementation of Fashion Show and Gallery Exhibition. 

- Programming - Coordinated with the programming, scheduling, logistics, venue management and cocktail reception for exclusive guests in the fashion show and opening ceremony of the exhibition.  Worked with the fashion show director and arranged for casting call for 16 models. 

- Fashion Show (at Blue Mansion) – Managed 4 prominent Southeast Asian designers, namely, Ong Shunmugam from Singapore,  Khoon Hooi from Malaysia,  Nita Kenzo from Indonesia and Mae Teeta from Thailand.  Coordinated and prepared script and for the  Malaysia’s prominent emcee Bernie Chan.

- Gallery Exhibition 

Thesis Title

The Impact of George Town Festival on the arts community in Penang.

Thesis Abstract

To celebrate George Town's designation as one of the World Heritage Sites, an arts and culture festival was organised to commemorate Heritage Day on 7th of July 2008. This event gave birth to the annual festival in Penang, Malaysia called George Town Festival. The month-long festival since 2010 to 2014 had draw 200000 festival visitors, 90 production groups and 145 programmes.The mission of the Festival is to become the platform for culture and the arts in South-East Asia with a focus on George Town’s unique perspectives. The festival continues to offer the best possible experience through the core beliefs of Collaboration, Community, Reinvention and Accessibility.

The aim of this thesis is to research on the impact of George Town Festival on the Arts Community in Penang, and to identify how George Town Festival serves as a platform and point of resource that impacts the arts community in Penang. It aims to study in what extent the effect of past events and development of George Town Festival has contributed to the arts community. Besides that, it also seeks to understand how the arts community has grown before and after the existence of the festival through the festival's programming strategy, diversity, effectiveness and the relationship between the Festival and the arts community.

The findings from the thesis will add value by assisting George Town Festival and local art organisations in understanding the impact relating to the arts community as well as by assisting the festival with their future planning for development and implementation.