Arts Management



T.H.E Dance Company, Singapore


T.H.E Dance Company is an upcoming contemporary dance company in Singapore. I interned with them for a period of 8 weeks during which I assisted in organizing their annual dance festival entitled ‘Contact 2011’. The festival took place over a 10-day period, and comprised of workshops, technique classes and performances with 20 artists being brought from different countries in Asia. For the above, I was involved with sourcing for sponsorships and marketing & PR tasks along with basic administrative and organizational tasks during the main festival including crowd control and ushering.

Marketing & PR Executive
LIBRE OLE! A Night of Latin Beats Under the Stars, Singapore


LIBRE OLE! A Night of Latin Beats Under the Stars was a Latin themed music and dance event that my group and I organised as our Diploma-level final project. The main event was held on the 5th of March 2011 at Cuba Libre Bar & Café in Clarke Quay. It was preceded by 2 pre-events aimed at helping us raise funds and promoting the main event. For this project, I worked on the sponsorship and Marketing & PR aspects of the events.

Intercedent Asia, Singapore


Intercedent Asia is a market research and analysis company based in Singapore. The tasks I was assigned included researching for clients and projects, and preparing skeletal presentations using the information gathered. Along with this, I assisted with data entry for projects.

Rafique Sayed (Photographer), Mumbai (India)


Rafique Sayed is one of India's foremost photographers, and I was fortunate enough to work with him. During the course of my internship, I learnt the basics of photography and photo-editing, but most importantly I accumulated a better understanding of visual communication through images.

Thesis Title

A Case Study of the English Theatre Companies in Singapore - Funds distribution by the National Arts Council

Thesis Abstract

The thesis topic selected evaluates the local English language theatre in Singapore to scrutinise the extent to which local subject matter and context is presented on the stage. Moreover, it correlates this information with the funding provided by the National Arts Council to understand the process of funds distribution. Using both this data, the dissertation will bring to light if local content is important for the distribution of funds to English language theatre, and other factors that affect this situation as well. In order to carry out the above, 17 theatre companies have been examined that presented a total of 53 productions in 2011. Moreover, interviews with The Finger Players and Cake Theatrical Productions have provided qualitative data regarding the process of funds distribution and the factors that they infer play a role in the process.